- Anesthesia

Anesthesia and Positive Thinking

Whether you have had anesthesia before or not, the word anesthesia is very frightening because of the unknown. Most people know that anesthesia is when you are put to sleep for surgery. Technically you are unconscious, unable to move, and pain free, so the surgeon can do the surgery without having it be an unfortunate experience. Part of the problem of going “under” is you are losing control of your life. That leads to depending on someone you don’t know to watch over you and take care of your body during the surgery. You are not in charge of your own body, nor are you aware of your surroundings during this time, so that may cause a lot of fear. When you know what to expect in a situation then the fear will dissolve. The anesthesia experience may depend on the provider, but a lot depends on your own frame of mind. Beyond that there is more that you can do as well.

Your outcome is much better during anesthesia if you take some control of your unconscious mind in a positive way. This is possible by preparing yourself through your thinking before, during and after the experience. It is similar to preparing yourself to go to sleep every night. Some people say prayers before sleep. Some review their day to be grateful for the good things and consider how the do the challenging things better next time. Others are worried about something and can’t relax enough to go to sleep. When we are afraid or anxious about anything our body releases chemicals that are meant to help us, but causes many things to happen that weaken our body over time. That is why it is important to not allow negative thoughts to seep into our consciousness. If it does, just acknowledge it and release it to universal spirit or oblivion. Science has proven that if we can think positively and relax, our body is less stressed, feels less pain and heals much better.

Dreaming is similar to anesthesia in that you are not aware of your life for a time period. We travel in our unconscious mind to another realm that isn’t of this world. Our dreams can be happy, enlightening or fearful or painful depending on our mind set. We have some control in keeping our mind on a positive track before we go to sleep and then we have good dreams. The same is true for anesthesia. The state of mind we are in before we have anesthesia is exaggerated during anesthesia. If we are afraid, it might be a difficult experience to be under, if we can remain calm and positive, our experience is going to be a positive outcome.

There are many techniques that can be learned to help us to be in a good, positive state of mind. Meditation is one, prayer is another or music can be used. A loved one comforting us through touch is another way we deal with stressful things, just like when we were a child. When a child is afraid, they cry, then their mother holds them and tells them things are going to be better, and somehow it is. We are not all taught that we can do this for ourselves as we get older. For some reason we have to figure it out on our own. People that are happy are not sick as often and may have easier lives, because they can deal with everything easier.

The whole idea is that anyone can decide through their own free will that it will be a good experience. Notice your feelings of being uncomfortable and let someone know what you need. In the meantime prepare yourself for a good sleep or entering into the unconscious world. If things seem overwhelming, quiet your mind, concentrate on your breathing and think about a nice place you like to be. Enjoy that moment. Soak in the joy and peace. The experience will only feel like a few minutes and then you will be awake. It may be disorienting because it is different than when you wake up in the morning. Go with the experience, express your needs, know that it is temporary and think positive! During the time of unconsciousness, your cells will be energized with love when you have positive thoughts.

You will heal faster and be back to your life with an energized spirit.