- Anesthesia

Waking Up Before It’s Too Late!

Are you living on autopilot?

A friend of mine always says first, with a smile on his face, “I am grateful to be alive.”

When I was in my late 20s, I went to the hospital to have a growth removed that the doctor thought might be cancerous. My Mom came to the hospital with me. Once I was on the operating table, the anesthesiologist gave me anesthesia to put me under. When the procedure was over and I was in the recovery area, the doctor and surgical staff could not wake me up and the doctor asked my Momma to come in.

Momma said to him in a clear loud excited voice “Wake her up!”

I came to with the doctor pounding on my chest and my Momma standing nearby!

I was having a happy dream and did not realize they were unable to wake me up! If not for my Momma I would have been dead!

The doctor said, “You are allergic to the anesthesia I gave you and I was not able to wake you up until your Mother insisted I wake you up.”

“Do not ever allow them to give you this type of anesthesia again!”

They discovered that I was allergic to one of the drugs that I was given during surgery.

I nearly didn’t wake up; but I was oblivious… because I was unconscious.

Open your eyes.

While this story was literally about waking up; most people are drifting through life on autopilot with their eyes closed.

And most people are oblivious to the fact that they are “unconscious” to their priorities and life.

By having your success habits in place, you release your tension!

When you have intention, you open up your eyes, gain clarity, and take action!

When you gain clarity, you are compelled to move forward.

When you begin to move forward, you generate momentum.

When you generate momentum, others take notice.

Have you ever been at a stop light with a person texting on their phone, or been in an accident caused by a distracted driver?

The benefits are quite obvious when a distracted driver chooses to “open their eyes” and “decides” to put their cell phone in the back seat before they begin driving to prevent them from having another accident.

I challenge anyone to argue the benefits of a driver soothing their boredom by gluing their attention to a screen rather than paying attention to driving. Put it away.

Do you know someone who listens to the news without stopping, 24 hours a day? If that is their only intake of information, they are likely quite bitter and angry.

What can you do to improve this situation?

Replace an hour of listening/watching/reading the news with something uplifting, growth oriented, or gratitude related. See how you feel after one week. How about after one month?

Are you still angry? Has your mood improved? Are you able to think clearly and focused?

Have you ever been in a home with drafty windows?

Not only is it uncomfortable, but they can let in bugs.

Sealing your home with new windows will not only make it more comfortable; it creates a cleaner environment.

Your relationships and your standards are the windows of your life. If you are willing to tolerate pests, bugs, and other nasty creatures into your home, you may also let in negative people, stagnant people, and those who drag you down.

How can you improve your relationships and connect with others?

1. Ask them how they are and then ask them how their family is?

2. Listen carefully to what they say and offer your thoughts when appropriate.

By having your success habits in place, you release your tension!

When you have intention, you open up your eyes, gain clarity, and are moved to take action!