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How Can Acupuncture Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases that if not diagnosed and treated properly on time, can lead to fatal conditions like heart disease and stroke. The normal blood pressure in a healthy adult measured by a sphygmomanometer is approximately 120-100/85-60, with the higher number being the systolic pressure and lower being the diastolic. People with bp higher than 130/80 are said to have high BP.

Also known as “the silent killer,” hypertension rarely causes symptoms and if left untreated can cause various problems like;

• Heart attack

• Stroke

• Kidney failure

• Heart failure

• Vision problems

Apart from allopathic medications, which may have serious side effects, and lifestyle changes, acupuncture has been found to be highly effective in normalizing BP. Many people prefer getting acupuncture treatment for hypertension from a well-qualified and experienced acupuncturist. The experienced acupuncturist will diagnose your health condition, find out the possible causes of hypertension and insert very fine needles into specific, key points on your body, especially the inner wrist and parts of the legs below the knee. Inserting these hair-thin needles stimulates brain areas that control blood pressure by releasing relaxing hormones, which dilate the small blood vessels. Besides these effects, the needles also smooth the flow of energy, thereby bringing harmony to the body.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

In many cases of hypertension, doctors find it quite difficult to identify the exact cause of hypertension. However, your acupuncturist will spend the time to find the real causes of your high blood pressure and use acupuncture and herbs to treat the root causes. The following are common causes of high blood pressure:

• Overweight or obesity

• Smoking

• Heavy alcohol consumption

• Family history of diabetes and high blood pressure

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Fondness for high salt intake and consumption of junk foods

• High Stress

People who undergo 30-45 minutes of acupuncture once a week for 10 to 12 weeks from an experienced acupuncturist have shown commendable results. These patients experienced a drop of 6 to 10 mmHg (points) in systolic blood pressure and 4 to 10 mmHg in diastolic BP.

People with prehypertension (blood pressure slightly higher than 120/79) may be able to avoid taking medication by getting acupuncture once or twice a week and by practicing Taiichi and meditation. These practices help them minimize their risk for stroke, macular degeneration, AF, congestive heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases that may be caused by hypertension.

Considering the potential side effects of high blood pressure medications, it is better to go for acupuncture treatments from experts with knowledge of Western and Chinese medicine. Many people have experienced long lasting health benefits from acupuncture treatments coupled with significant lifestyle changes, which have helped them feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

People looking to get acupuncture treatment for hypertension should look for experienced acupuncturists in the Greater Boston area, get the best acupuncture treatment, and make sure to complete the full course of treatment. Besides this, they should also do regular exercises and combine meditation, Qi Gong, and yoga that would help them reduce their stress.

These practices would help them relieve stress and improve energy flow to their body, thus allowing them to normalize their blood pressure. The acupuncturist may suggest a few changes in their lifestyle such as diet, time management, working out, and adopting a healthier routine that would help them improve their overall health and fitness.