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Hypnosis For Healing Is Very Powerful – The Ultra Deep Hypnosis Technique Is Even More Effective

Hypnosis can and has been frequently used for healing for thousands of years. It can be used for any healing situation you can imagine. If you need pain relief, self-healing, self-improvement or one of a thousand different things, hypnosis could be your answer. It is ideal for almost any physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual situations that may be bothering you.

It needs to be understood that it is your own subconscious that does the work that makes hypnosis for healing effective. It is not the hypnotherapist, the power comes from within you. He or she can only suggest and help you achieve your desired goals and only with your permission. The hypnotist is there to protect you and guide you to your ultimate goal.

There are several branches of hypnotherapy and one is a special hypnotic procedure known as Ultra Depth Hypnosis. This guides you at your own pace into the most profound depth of consciousness and awareness possible. It is called the Sichort State. The only level of depth beyond the Sichort State is natural deep sleep.

When practising to reach the Sichort State, you must first achieve profound somnambulism which is.a sleep-like state or trance often associated with sleepwalking. This is then anchored by a key or signal word which is later used as an instant induction.

Then another key or signal word is anchored to be used to emerge you from this state. Next you will achieve the Esdaile State and this is tested by catatonic responses and is anchored in by a different key or signal word. Finally you reach the Sichort State and this is linked in with yet a further key or signal word. This is what is called the, staging processÂÂ and this is where you are taught how to use your keywords on their own. This process enables you to instantly induce analgesia, local or general anesthesia.