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EFT For Surgery – How to Overcome Fear of Surgery and Accelerate Recovery With Tapping

EFT is great for stress relief, even for overcoming fear of surgery. Tapping — on your own, or with a skilled practitioner — can release the anxiety you have about the whole process.

When energy blocks from negative emotions are cleared with EFT, healing can really speed up. Your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. With no obstacles in the path, that natural ability has nothing to stop it or slow it down.

How to do it:

1. Use EFT to eliminate unwanted feelings from past surgeries.

2. List your concerns and frustrations. Include things like:

  • not sleeping the night before
  • having to get help with rides
  • filling out all the forms
  • trusting the facility and staff
  • difficulty finding your veins
  • anesthesia
  • roommates and hospital food
  • pain and swelling after surgery
  • needing help at home
  • restrictions in your activities
  • physical therapy in recovery

Be as thorough as you can with your list of concerns. Get some help with it! The more negative emotions you can clear out, the better.

This list will vary with what you’re having done, past experiences, etc. Have your practitioner or a friend help you identify YOUR concerns.

3. Use EFT to eliminate those concerns.

Possible outcomes:

Without the burden of tension, your body can perform in wonderful ways. Negative emotions create energy blocks. And they also make your muscles tense up. That restricts blood flow — preventing healing from taking place.

Removing those obstacles makes optimal healing possible. My clients who have used these EFT methods before surgery report:

  • stress-free check-in at your facility
  • reduced pain after surgery
  • reduced swelling
  • fewer after-effects from anesthesia
  • recovery time that’s shorter than normal
  • fast healing of the surgical wound
  • amazed doctors and nurses — both in the hospital and at follow-up visits
  • happier care-givers

Whether you’re having a small outpatient procedure or facing open-heart surgery, the basics are the same. Do yourself (and your loved ones) a huge favor. Make your surgical experience the best it can be by using EFT beforehand.

If you’re not yet confident in your own abilities with EFT, have an experienced practitioner help you.