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Bridge the Difference Before It’s Too Late

Life is never led solely; it is a bundle of relations. The first and the foremost amongst them is the parent child relation. Despite the best efforts from the parents, sometimes kids turn out to be rebellious in teenage. Without caring for the people around, they want to live for themselves only. Consider their parents to be a burden and a hurdle in the achievement of their whimsical desires. Love and care lose value. Showing disrespect towards elders specially their parents becomes their ultimate pleasure. This is stressful for the teen as well as the parent. Here we will discuss why such problems crop up, how they can be coped with and what preventive actions may save us from this mental torture.

Early Age Training is Must

World is a strange and bizarre experience for every child. He is completely ignorant of love, hatred, vice or virtue. It is very crucial to introduce and inculcate these realities of life, in the proper way, into novice brains, which will provide a firm foundation for upcoming difficult years ahead. These are the years when sanctity of good values is taught. A relaxed behavior from parents could shake the entire structure of personality. Teenage or adolescence is the most difficult and quite confusing itself. Changing physical and mental conditions, rising responsibilities and hard efforts to adapt to society requirements are already exhaustive. In this situation already, a hollow personality tilts to sins as a failed attempt to fill the void. A healthy and morally strong foundation prevents the kids from staggering in this difficult time.

Love and Care are Mandatory

Parents, who are extremely engrossed in their own economic and social spheres, considering it secondary to give time to kids, suffer from disastrous outcomes. The child needs love and protection all through his life but he needs it most in childhood. Negligence at this stage fills the young minds with a suppressed frustration. Whenever they are more independent and enjoy social freedom, they observe defiant behavior. They value no more the expectations kept towards them. Kids are the most important investment of life, so always consider their petty feeling and emotions to be significant. As teens, pass through this rough period of life its mandatory to assure them of your love and support. Be willing to accept the mistakes wholeheartedly and provide complete assistance in rectifying them. Lack of attention leads the teens to find satisfaction in insulting social norms and enjoying bad habits. Being parent not only means a title but a great responsibility and a full time job.

Moderation a Key for Ideal Training

Moderation is a key for ideal training. Unnecessary sanctions, which hinder the kids from enjoying basic pleasures of life, suffocate them and compel to rebel. They show disrespect and disliking for the parents. Every child has his own self-respect. All time snubbing and scolding will prove a great blow to it. Many other ways can be adopted to ameliorate rather than belittling the young mind.

Avoid Unnecessary Leniency

If autocratic behavior is harmful so is too much leniency. Inconsistent discipline encourages the young ones venture the prohibited realms. It is necessary to clear the kid what are good habits, what are bad, and out of love, he can’t be allowed to cross the limits. Children enjoy freedom and decision-making but they should be realized, they are most welcome to practice it, as long as they show responsibility and trust keeping.

Patience and Giving Space

Usually on growing children are found criticizing their parents, rejecting their choices and considering them as undue burden. Such problems can be overcome with a healthy talk. It’s not necessary to force the child to wear, eat, sleep or talk according to our will. Let him express and experience which is not harmful to some extent.Listen to them, to their problems, and help them out like a friend. Kids should be given a healthy atmosphere to define their individual identity.

Difference between Reality and Fantasy World

With the comfort and convenience, Modern age has brought a number of problems as well.Children witness independence and many other luxuries enjoyed by others through internet or TV plays but find them devoid of it. Unconsciously filled negativity, in this way, can be released by time to time guidance. Explain them the difference between the fantasy world and reality. Argumentative teen is in fact looking for his own identity and individuality but this can be allowed only through proper ways.