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Treatment For Low Sperm Count – Learn to Fix It

I must tell you that you can find a lot of treatment to boost your low sperm count and I will unveil all of them to you. But before then, I want to begin by letting you know the causes of low semen count. It has to do with septic semen. The things that bring about low semen count are staying seated for a long period of time, underwear that is too firm to your waist, taking your show using extremely hot water and too much fat. The closing cause of low sperm count which is too much fat brings fat deposit sag to your testicles; resulting to low sperm count.

If you maintain average ejaculation during sex, that would help. Steady ejaculation of semen could cause even more severe low semen count and it is capable of causing you to be more infertile. I suggest you keep a space of 3 days between 2 or additional ejaculations one after another. If you choose this idea, you would be more opportune to get high sperm count.

If you are addicted to smoking and drink too much of alcohol, it could cause low sperm count. The excessive utilization of your physical and mental energy should be minimized. Overstress and things connected to causing your nervous system to experience a lot of harm could cause low semen count; making you infertile. The research I conducted reveals that lack of zinc bring about low semen count.

Now that I have made known to you the causes of low sperm count, let me also in the same vein reveal to you possible ways to treat it. I want you to know that this can lead to infertility and most cases genital infection.

Treatment for Low Sperm Count

1. I urge you to reduce the amount of time you have sex in a week and try to keep a space of up to 3 days between ejaculations. If you ejaculate many times more than usual, it would make your semen less thick and that is not good for your health. Try to see if you can maintain to ejaculate in 3 days only and don’t have sex regularly.

2. Workout every day. See if you can jog anytime you walk from sleep. Physical exercises are efficient for boosting the rate of your sperm.

3. Take healthy meals, put more preference to diets that have less fat and more of protein. I suggest you take a lot of fruits and vegetables, and every kind of grain foods. Eating adequate diet can aid you to keep an efficient and high sperm count. I urge you to keep away from meals that are bitter and spicy, also reduce the rate at which you take caffeine.

4. Don’t put on boxers are too tight, wear the ones that are loose and made from cotton. Keep away from bathing with very hot water.

5. This one is very essential to maintain high sperm count. Teach yourself to maintain breathing and relaxation and perform it daily to enable you lower your stress levels. Maintain a healthy and worry-free mind.

6. Take volume enhancer supplements. This is by far the best way to increase your sperm count. There are pills made with natural ingredients from herbs. These pills can help to enhance your sperm count.